Saturday, August 13, 2011

Update from the Mountains

Hi Friends, Family, and Faithful Readers!

I'm sitting with my feet up on the coffee table, cold drink in my hand, and a mountain view out the window as my future hubby insists that I work on my blog and photos while he prepares us a delicious dinner--chicken parmesan with pasta!

Well, yesterday, we took a hike to Boulder Lake. Here is one of my favorite pictures I took of the hike.

And, some more pretty pictures of the hike...

A few of Dave and me...

And, what else can I tell you? We went out to a delicious Mexican Dinner last night at an authentic Mexican Restaurant called, Hacienda Real. Then, snuggled in for movie night.

Today, we hiked Lily Pad Lake, which was fun. It's right down the street from the house so no driving to trailheads. Here's a picture at the top of the lake..check out all of those Lily Pads!

And, let's see after the hike we tried to go Kayaking, but all of the kayaks were booked, so we settled for the swimming pool. Well, I think it's time for dinner.

Hope everyone has a good night!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bright, Sun-Shiney, Day!

Greetings from Colorado!

Dave and I got into my parent's house late last night, and pretty much crashed.

It is the first time we've been able to come out, and actually see the house! It is soooo beautiful, I L-O-V-E it! Many vacations will be spent here, I can already tell!

We started off the day with hottubbing and coffee (water for Dave).  Next up was a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up for the week. Then we made our way to Lake Dillon, rented some bikes, and rode around the lake. It was a beautiful day, mid 70's, slight breeze!

After the bikeride, we came home, and took a quick stroll around the outlets. Dave found a few shirts for work, a few shirts for play, and a few nice, casual shirts. I actually didn't spend a dime...yet! There is a Coach bag I am eyeing :)

We came home, and used our new cookbook, entitled, "America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook." We chose a baked cod recipe, which you can see in the pictures below, it was delicious! I was going to make it, but chickened out when it came to getting my hands dirty with the raw fish, so I chose to make the "breading," part of it. We added some steamed brussel sprouts, and fresh grapes. Delectable!

The pictures below are of the new vacation house, the bike ride, and the cooking festivities! Now, we're relaxing watching a movie, and maybe a walk later.

Hope everyone at home is enjoying a beautiful night.