Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anthropologie Bobby Pins Re-Do


I have a new found love, Pinterest, and today I decided to search for DIY Bobby Pins. I was feeling in a crafty mood.

And, I found the cutest, pretty easy, DIY, knock-off Anthropologie Bobby Pins.

So, off to the store I was. First, to Target to make pumpkin pie bars, the recipe for those is here: pumpkin pie bars. I'm pretty sure only half the pan is left, and they just finished baking at 4:45 p.m.

Then, to Michael's to gather my supplies for the DIY Bobby Pins! After the pumpkin pie bars were done, I started on these bobby pins, and walllahhh here they are:

I love them! You could make them all different colors, or whatever you really want, I chose red for the upcoming Christmas season :)

If you want the tutorial of how to make these, it can be found here:

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