Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home Sweet Houston!

Wondering if we made it? Well, we did! We left at 6:00 am on July 15, only to be stalled by a flat tire on our trailer (I'm really regretting not taking a picture of the U-Haul packed with our Subaru hitched onto the back, hopefully you can get a mental image).  Anyways, I believe we finally made it to The Woodlands where we stayed with Melissa and Todd and the babies I believe it was....11:30 p.m.? Dallas trafffic held us up a bit. Anyways, here are just a few of the pictures I have snapped since we have arrived.

1. Einstein Bros. Bagels--we have one right down the street and my Momma taught me Vanilla Hazelnut is the best coffee in the world. I agree. 
2. We stopped at a Farmer's Market in The Heights yesterday to peruse what they had. This one was much like Omaha's, except add fresh seafood.
3. If we are driving in by the hospitals, we drive by the Hotel my pops and me stayed at when I interviewed.
4. Our apartment in the unpacking stage. I have it pretty much unpacked and maybe that will be the next picture?
5. Kansas. But, what you don't see here is that I am sitting in the middle seat of the U-Haul. Why you ask? Because when we went to get our trailer hooked up to the U-Haul and I jumped in the passenger seat we realized someone had taken the seat belt and wrapped it around the back of the passenger seat headrest, and literally nobody could get it out. So, puppy got the good seat, and I got the squish your legs up to your chin seat.
6. Einstein Bros. Repeat. We had breakfast there yesterday. 
7. Oh my goodness...the CIRCUS! I don't believe I have ever been, but man was it awesome! Loved the Lions, gymnasts, acrobats, and basically everything. Everything that is except for the creepy clowns.
8. That is a view from our window. The pool. The Heavenly pool. 
9. Callista Baby and Me having some morning snuggles, coffee, and cinnamon rolls that our gracious host had for us when we woke up from a much needed good night's rest!
10. More Circus. Also, it should be noted we walked to the Metro Rail, took the Metro Rail, and walked home that night, and I didn't even get any cotton candy!
11. More Farmer's Market. I didn't actually buy anything as I had just went to the grocery store, we just wanted to do a little exploring.
12. Bigger picture of the pool. I love that we can look out right over it, see how crowded or not crowded it is.
13. Drive into the City. That was our first day driving the U-Haul into the city and getting ready to unpack and get all settled in.
14. My sweet little Camilla! We had a pool day and she soaked it up, she's such a doll. 
15. The hotel we stayed at again when my Dad and I came down.
16. Didn't realize I had so many pool pictures. There is one more pool, it's a lap pool, but I haven't swam in it yet.
17. More Circus. 
18. More Farmer's Market.
19. H-E-B Central Market. This grocery store is insane. The produce goes on and on, and it's all awesome. One of our favorite buys is the Salmon Patty's. 
20. Date night at the Circus with my Man :)
21. A very tiny squeezed in picture of the Apartment Complex.

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