Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stories on Sunday

Kind of a catchy title, don't you think? I thought perhaps if when winding down on Sunday, I could also do a weekly blog post, that might be fun/productive for me. So, we'll see how it goes. The problem is some weeks there's not a whole lot going on, and others there is a lot going on. We'll see if I can find a happy-medium in there to keep you reading/memories preserved for us! Anyways, onward and upward.

Where have I been? Work. Remember, I started my new job?! It has been really, really great. I can not complain about one single thing so far. They have done a fantastic job of getting us any/all resources we'd ever need, and making us feel comfortable and at home. Oh, and my two other fellows? Well, they are pretty great, too. It's really nice to have people to go about this adventure with.  So far, we have done a lot of education, we have more coming up this week, and then we'll be starting our rotations. So, here is our life in pictures recently.

Dave insisted on the classic "First Day of Work/School" picture. I obliged.

This is my "office." I'm in the middle, and the other girls are on each side of me.

Oh, this. This, my friends, is a batch of "Carmelitas." I made them for my Sister-in-Law when she re-did my blog. Good thing I sent them to her, because I had one and wrapped them up to be sent off to her. Click Here for the recipe I used. 

These are a big ole' pan of roasted veggies. I don't always reach for veggies, but know I should, and it was one way I incorporated more into my life. Plus, when working full-time it's easy to make on Sunday and pack in my lunch all week!

Speaking of meal prep...This Pizza Dough is delicious, healthy (it uses some wheat flour), and easy. You just have to make sure you have time to let it rise. Click here for this recipe.

Chicken Parmesan Bake. I made this on a Sunday so all Dave had to do was pop it in the oven. We both enjoyed it, and it was a much lighter version than what you'd get going out. Recipe here. Oh, and I actually just halved this recipe, because when there are only two people, you don't want to eat leftovers for 10 days straight.

This is nothing too exciting, but my old roomie, Amy, got us this Hard Boiled Egg/Poached Egg Maker for our wedding. And, I LOVE it. I use it ALL the time. Oh, and the point of the picture? Good snack, good breakfast, whatever goes with a Hard Boil Egg, this is a great way to make a batch!

Mini-Pumpkin-Donut-Muffins. These are to die for. I have the recipe downstairs. So, if you really want it, just ask!

These are new gray flats that I love. I try to pick my outfit just so I can wear them. They feel like I'm walking on pillows, and my feet don't hurt. 

This is a view of The Texas Medical Center from the 21st floor of one of the libraries I believe. 

If you didn't know about this, well now you do. And, I can confirm it's delicious and a great way to start your day!

This is a view from a different spot.

This stuff. Also delicious. And new. Just the perfect hint of Vanilla if you ask me!

This conference was very interesting, and I will definitely go back to my very thick binders when I need to look things up. 

Some Homemade Cherry Granola.

We used these chopped up Veggies to make Cheesesteak Lettuce Wraps. Link is here. We both enjoyed this light/easy dinner!

Spaghetti Soup. This was good, except for when I went to add the "Red Pepper Flakes," I didn't realize the jar was wide open, and I accidently poured nearly 3/4 of a cup in there. I tried to salvage it, but it was still super hot.  I would make again though, because it was yummy. Link here

This is a Fro-Yo Bar at work. I can't make this stuff up!

I went to a painting class one night with some of my new friends, and this is what I came up with. I was going to send it to my Rooms because I was convinced she was having a boy, but she had a GIRL. So, I got something else special cooking up for sweet precious baby ELLA! 

These girls. Love em'. They are fabulous. I hosted the Parenthood watch party for the new season!

Us all cuddled up on the couch, drinking wine, eating crackers/cheese, and popcorn!

They also brought me this sweet mug.

Went to our first Astros game of the season with the girls I work with/their families.

I thought the stadium was pretty cool.

Yes, I know, I'm wearing a Texans hat. But the baseball season is pretty much done, so I wanted to get something that would carry me for awhile ;) Oh, and see that cute Yankees fan? Yep, his team won. Apparently they call the "Astros" the "Disastros" here. 

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

Pretty Fireworks.

New Fall Nail Polish. Don't mind if I do.

Want a business card?

Love this little area, run by it a lot!

Greek Pasta Salad. Click Here.

We took a little walk around Hermann Park Golf Course, so pretty!

Ah, and now we are up to TODAY. We went to a Greek Festival! Super Yummy!


You know my friends up there? One of them is the one who taught the painting class, and they were having an art fair this weekend where she had a booth! So, we picked up this gem, it has the map of Houston integrated, pretty cool I thought.

She also makes these cute little magnets. Now, rest assured, I haven't joined the "'Y'all" culture, I just thought it was cute. 

Oh, and this? Our local grocery store doesn't make too bad Sushi. So, sometimes we do date night in with H-E-B freshly made Sushi!

If you've made it this far, I'm impressed. Happy Sunday!


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  1. Love this round up!!! So excited for you and your new job - congrats!!! And jealous that you get to go to HEB - love that place!