Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Post

 I turned 25. It seemed a bit overwhelming the day of, but rest assured, I do not feel a day over 22. I had such a wonderful birthday this year, and as many of you know my birthday falls on Valentine's Day. I made this clear from the beginning to Dave, they are indeed two separate holidays (I think my Mom taught me that one, thanks mom)! So, without further ado, the birthday events went something like this...

Friday February 11: Wake up. Drink Coffee. Eat Breakfast. Go to work. Work, Work, Work. Oh, wait, there are flowers at the desk for ME?!?! Yay! I go to the desk to pick up a beautiful arrangement of flowers, and a sweet card, that says "Happy Birthday, Molly. Love, Dave." Go back to Work, Work, look at flowers, Work, smell flowers, Work, love flowers, work. Go Home.

Saturday February 12: Repeat same process as Friday. Meanander along at work (Saturday's are usually much slower than Friday's)., again?! Did my Dad send them? One of my brother's? A secret admirer? Nope, Dave sent me a second set. This time, a dozen red roses, with a card that said, "Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Dave." So sweet.

Sunday February 13: Family Brunch! Mom never shys from putting on a good brunch, especially for a birthday. We had cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, starbucks coffee, and her infamous egg dish. Followed with present opening..some good new books, candles, cookies, truffles, a dozen pink roses (delivered from Derrick, sent from Jacob, Thanks Bubba), and an Applebees giftcard! Another successful Day!

Monday February 14: Sleep in. Call Mom. Have breakfast/coffee with her, go shopping, get some new gym shorts/shirts with her giftcard she gave me! Oh yeah..pick up Valentine's Day cards for our men (we can't forget them)! Lunch downtown with Dave and Jim at Upstream. Dinner at Alpine Inn in Poncha Hills with friends, followed with Zesto's Ice Cream :)

Saturday February 19: An a-m-a-z-i-n-g birthday party! We went to Liv Lounge in Aksarben after I got off work. Dave had reserved a section for our party by the fireplace, and we had such a wonderful time! Thank you for all who came out, I love all of you :)

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