Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A snowy, puppy day.

When I woke up today, I had an agenda. It went a little something like this: wake up, take the dog out, eat breakfast, take shower, do chemotherapy re-certification course, study, study, study, feed the dog, take the dog out, try to stay inside where it is nice and warm, study some more for the two tests I have tomorrow, stay warm,

However, around 3:00 pm today, I got some news that changed the whole days agenda--for the better! Class is cancelled for tomorrow, the tests that were scheduled will be online. Yippeee!

I've been wanting to use my new camera some more, so I ventured outside (note: agenda changes when school is sort of cancelled), took the dog with me, and snapped a few pictures.

I'm aware they are not the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen, but hey a girl has got to start somewhere.

This one is my favorite. Despite the fact that I don't love the snow, it is nothing short of adorable when it is all over his little puppy dog face :)

This photo needs improvement, but I still love my subject!

Lastly, this is Kansas's favorite spot in the whole wide world. My heated mattress pad, grandma quilted, feather-topped, big fuzzy blanket bed. He has a choice of watching out the window all day and dreaming about the squirrels he can chase, to napping, to watching his momma do some homework.

I wish for all of you that you out there that you are staying safe, warm, by the fireplace, with a cup of something hot in your hand.


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