Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls Take 2

Remember when I blogged about making  cinnamon rolls back in February of this year?

I don't recall if my frustration came out in the post. How I tried to make my dough grow with Yeast, and I was pretty sure I killed it...
Well, guess what, not this time!

I have been with one of my preceptors since January of 2012, and my last day was in August. I really grew to love this clinic, my preceptor, and the staff that I met along the way.

I wanted to bring something for my last day. Considered Scones. Decided on Cinnamon Rolls.
The pan was devoured. Literally none left at the end of the day. And, my recipe? It made three big 9 x 13 sheet fulls of Cinnamon Rolls.
As of right now, I have one pan left.

Here are some pictures, and below will be the recipe!

Recipe Link


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