Monday, January 21, 2013

The Happenings

I think it's time to update this blog with the happenings of our lives since November...

So, here it goes...

The Rest of November: Happily celebrated Thanksgiving with Friends and Family. Derrick made the trek in and we hadn't seen him since he left for Residency, so that was a real treat to get to spend some time with him. Jacob made the trek, too. He loves one of our new favorite card games: Cards Against Humanity. Fair Warning: Don't play this game if you are easily offended. Just saying though I think we had at least 10+ people playing at Thanksgiving, and I should also mention some of those people we had just met that day and it was a blast. I digress. Anyways, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in the afternoon and Dave's family that evening. Thank God I didn't have to worry about fitting into a wedding dress this Christmas :) But, overall it was a nice day, weather was great, and the company was great. 
December: Ah, so many milestones in December. December 12th I took my last final at Creighton, and made out like a bandit. So, finished the semester. I baked well over 5 dozen cookies for a little side job for one of my Mom's clients for Christmas. I worked some Hospice shifts. Dave and I celebrated our 1 year Anniversary by booking a room at the hotel we stayed at and had our reception at, going to the Durham Museum, out for dinner downtown, eating our cake topper, and exchanging love letters. Then, there was Christmas. And, Santa was very kind, as usual. We had to Skype Derrick in on this Christmas though because he had to work, got to spend lots of time with Bubba Bear (Jacob), which was fun. Oh, and we traveled to Hills, Minnesota for a little family get together with my Dad's family. Then, it was off to go skiing for the end of December and beginning of January. We had a lovely time with the rentals and neighbor friends who came along. We rang in the New Year, gave Dave his first real skiing experience, Shopped, and drank Dirty Shirley's. Ah, and now back to reality. But first, Dave turned 30 on January 10th. We had his family's Christmas over that weekend, so we opted to celebrate this past weekend with friends, bar-b-q, and Scotcharoos. Clinical hours have begun for the semester. I am embarking on obtaining at least 300 hours, so I'm in clinic at least three days a week usually. Class starts this week, but we only meet 5 times, so take that for what it's worth (don't worry they are keeping us busy with discussion boards, conferences, presentations, etc.). And, I have started the job hunt, so I'll keep you posted. We are looking at all of our options, so maybe we will be moving to a city near you, or maybe we'll stay right here in Omaha. Either way, I'll try to do better at keeping you updated!


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