Sunday, May 26, 2013

Puppy and Nature

I am kind-of-maybe cheating on this picture since I didn't take it today. I took a few shots last night after an impromptu visit to Lake Zorinsky with my Hubby and Puppy. 
Also, I'm not following any specific photo-a-day plan, rather adapting a few that I like. This one was inspired by finding a shot that was "Man and Nature." I figured my pup and nature was kind of like that!
My initial thoughts were to get some good pictures of the sun going down over Lake Zorinsky, but my hopes were dashed when I realized it was a cloudy night.
We still enjoyed a lovely little evening by the lake, taking the pup for a walk! 

What a sweetheart, huh? Hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day Weekend! We have been pretty low-key around here, me, battling a cold/allergies, and Dave working hard on his end to program a game!
Stay tuned tomorrow though, I think we are heading to the Rents for a little bar-b-q!

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