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What kind of Nurse are you? Guest post :)

A Guest Post..
 For you, From Brooke...
Bio on Brooke: Brooke Stafford is a nurse practitioner student and also writes for a Nursing Website. The site helps students find the right nurse practitioner degree to fit their needs.
The 6 Different Types of Nursing Abbreviations and What They Mean
There are many different types of nurses and many different types of education to go along with it.  You may know what an RN is, but do you know about the other kinds of nursing options?  To help, we have gathered up six different types of nursing abbreviations and a little more about each.
RN – The Registered Nurse is the most common type of nurse abbreviation.  These are nurses who have graduated from a state approved program, passed the NCLEX-RN – or national exam for nurses, and earned a license as a nurse in their state.  Most nurses at advanced levels have an RN license.

2.     BSN – This stands for Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  It is the most common four year degree for nurses and is often used by advanced practice nurses.  It is also commonly used as a stepping stone to a graduate degree in nursing, which brings us to:
3.     MSN – The Master of Science in Nursing is also one of the most popular graduate degrees for nurses.  It is used by those seeking entry level positions as nurse educators, managers, or other advanced positions.  In some states, the MSN can be used to become an advanced practice registered nurse, or APRN.
4.     DNP – However, in many states the Doctor of Nursing Practice is the degree required for advanced level nursing positions.  It is a four year graduate level degree and is the most common of the doctorate level degrees among nurses.  It is also the most common type of education sought for nurse practitioners (NP).
5.     PhD – The Doctor of Philosophy degree is also offered to nurses.  The graduate level degree teaches the more academic and research practices of nurses.  Those most likely to seek a PhD in nursing are those who want to become teachers, researchers, and nurses who study the practice of nursing.
6.     EdD – This type of degree is similar to the PhD in nursing.  However, it focuses on the educational aspects and is called the Doctor of Education.  Those who are truly serious about a career as a nursing teacher should consider this degree.

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  1. Congrats on getting hitched!:) SO happy for you! And I love this post--I'm trying to figure out what fits me best, so it is fun to hear another person break down the "titles."