Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week 4 to Week 7--Where did the time go?

Hi. I'm sorry. I haven't been good at updating the blog every week. Maybe I should work on that so you don't have to wade through tons and tons of pictures. Well, I'm not promising anything because work starts this week! So, I'll just fill you in on the past few weeks!

I organized the closet one day. I must say I thought I did a pretty darn good job! 

We went and saw "We're the Millers." Great flick. We laughed super hard and got Sushi afterwards.

Do you see this ridiculousness? Yes, those are bulls shaved into a bush. A very large bush. Sometimes, I can't believe my eyes down here.

Maybe I didn't mention in the previous picture? Yes, these are indeed in someone's front lawn down here. I told Dave to drive extra slow as we passed. I just can't make this stuff up. You will be in for a treat when I post a picture of the entire street that is lined with these things in all sort of animal shapes and sizes!
Orange is the New Black. Have you heard of it? Have you seen it? I blew through this season in no time on Netflix. It's not really kid appropriate, I warned you.

Oh, what is this you ask? A major Pinterest fail. MAJOR. As in, this our sheet music from our first dance at our wedding. I had grandiose dreams of blowing it up, antiquing it, and framing it. However, the guy at Kinko's was no help to us in blowing it up. So, it's currently sitting underneath our bed until I figure out what I'm going to do with it.

You thought the view from our balcony was cool? Well, guess what? This is our "Sister Apartment's" pool. It's kind of better as far as grandiose goes. But, hey a pool is a pool, right? Our apartment had an end of the year pool party complete with salsa dancers, tacos from taco trucks, and plantains, which  were pretty delicious.  I actually took Tennis Lessons at Rice University that weekend, met a nice friend, and she came to the pool party with me while Dave and his brother were working on their game they are making.

Can you name this movie? It's one of my favorites. It can make me laugh really hard.

Look at my snuggle muffin!

Precious baby. Everybody here thinks we have the most gorgeous girl dog, oh and that she {he} is a puppy. 

Ah. I merely mentioned to Dave that I saw on Ticket Master Chapelle was coming. I'm pretty sure within 5 minutes the tickets were purchased. It was really fun, and we went to a Happy Hour prior. A lot of different comedians performed, we really enjoyed it.

More of the Comedy Tour with Chapelle.

What's this you ask? I hope my brothers savored every last bite of the cookies I made them, because this week I start work, full-time, 8-5. No more three, twelve hour shifts with lots of days off in between.

Derrick requested Monster Cookies. He ended up getting "Brookies." A layer of Brownie + Monster Cookie. Glad they were shipped out of here as I would have gained 20 pounds merely be eating them.

Jacob has more delicate taste buds, which requested white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Which turned into bars, because it takes a lot of patience to make cookies.

Ah. My sweet new blog look. Did you notice? My sister-in-law, designed this for me! I really love it!

Ah, you want your behind kicked into gear? Try this workout on the treadmill. Guarantee you leave dripping in sweat. Totally worth it.

Oh hey! Just getting ready to go to my Welcome Reception at MD Anderson. 

Dave took this past Friday off work to spend the day with me. Awful sweet of him I thought. This is us at the beach. The ocean water was warm. The ocean is to me, what the mountains are to my Dad. He'll probably never understand why I like the beach so much, someday we'll come to an understanding, right Jimmy?

More beach.

I just love the water.

Awesome day!

We love Chipotle. But, look, I made a burrito bowl just like they do, and probably less calories!

Well, if you made it this far, I am impressed. Thanks for reading, and wish me luck as I start at MD Anderson this week! Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend!


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