Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Belated Happy Birthday to Hubby

So, Dave's birthday is January 10th.
And, we have a lot of important events now, all in a row.
Our Anniversary: December 16.2011
Christmas: December 25th
Dave's Birthday: January 10, 1983
Molly's Birthday: February 14, 1986
Valentine's Day: February 14th

So, by the time Dave's birthday rolled around, we were kind of worn out.
But, I wanted to make his birthday special.
So, I made homemade scones 

I added some butterscotch chips because they are his favorite. And, of course, I added some sparkle sugar.
I waited to bake them until the morning of his birthday, and I failed miserably when I burned the bottoms.
Don't worry, the tops were still good, so it was like a muffin-top-scone-top like treat.

For his birthday night, we enjoyed a night out with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings.
After that, we came back to our house, and I made him another one of his favorites...
Angel Food Cake. From Scratch. But, mine didn't rise quite as high as the ones in the store. 
And, I whipped up some homemade whip cream, which is super easy, and delicious.

So, Happy Late Birthday to Dave!


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